See what our patients are saying about their experience.

What a fantastic experience! I recommend them to everyone. It’s pain free and well-priced.
— Susan Casias
I just finished my 4th treatment on Saturday for unwanted hair on my back and now 95% of the hair is gone forever ! I can’t begin to tell everyone how wonderful this business is . They use the world’s best laser called the Soprano ICE, it is so fast and so pain free that it really feels wonderful . Thank you!! Keep up the great job !
— James Grant
I came in today for a treatment on my lower legs, great service! Catherine was so sweet and professional! It was my third treatment and I only have to shave once every 2 weeks!!
— Rachel Carnahan
Catherine is fantastic. She’s genuinely nice, makes you feel comfortable, and will answer all of your questions. I like that you can buy by the session. It tells me that she’s out to help and not screw you like some other laser places.
— Sara Bluemel
Catherine is very professional and friendly. She also makes you feel very comfortable during treatment. I’ve always wanted to do hair laser removal and was nervous about finding a good place and I could not be happier with their service. Love it!
— Laury Rancharam
It is what I would call a solid 5 star experience. In other words, I give it a 10 out of 10.
— Michelle